Wondering how to pack for Youth Tour? We’ve got you covered:

  • You’re allowed one suitcase (cannot weigh more than 50 lbs.) and one carry-on bag.
  • Pack for warm weather. Washington, D.C. is typically 80-90 degrees and humid during the day!
  • Plan your attire based on our activities for the day: casual (Saturday and Thursday), informal (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) and business (Wednesday).
  • You’ll receive a Michigan Youth Tour t-shirt and Youth Tour string bag backpack at orientation. Plan to wear the t-shirt on Monday during Youth Tour to represent Michigan at the all-states Youth Rally that evening.
  • Pack your most comfortable pair of shoes! We’ll do a tremendous amount of walking every day on Youth Tour. Your feet will thank you.

Be sure to thoroughly read the entire planning guide online. It includes important details regarding daily attire, packing suggestions, rules of the road, and more…

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!